Plastic Dungeon Is Moving!

We are currently moving our printers to a new location. Soon we’ll have the perfect environment to host our printers to ensure consistency and quality in each and everyone one of our products. Unfortunately, during the move the printers won’t be active, and we’ll need to few days to recalibrate everything in the new location. We plan on being back up and running my March 15th. In the meantime, feel free to send us a message and we can ensure Read More

New Campaign: Character Tome Kickstarter

Our latest Kickstarter campaign is up and running, fully funded with all Stretch Goals unlocked! Our Character Tome is a customizable and versatile case for storing dice, character minis, reference cards, spell trackers, tokens, a dice tower, or anything you may need during a table-top game! The base Tome comes in a dice storage tray and dice tower, with a variety of optional inserts you can add on to fully customize and make it your own. Check it out! Wave Read More

Petmaster Dice Carrier

Our second Kickstarter has been approved, and is launching soon! Don’t miss out! Click the link below to be notified the moment we launch! Petmaster Dice Carrier on Kickstarter Plastic Dungeon has designed a dice box which fulfills the need to carry, care for and punish your shiny math rocks in a manner both stylish and adorable. Introducing: the Petmaster Dice Carrier! Now you can carry your little monsters to the game in style! You can even use it to Read More

New Products & a New Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter for our Make 100: 3D Printed Stone Portal has come to a close with shipping the final rewards. Soon, the arches and inserts will be available to purchase directly from our Etsy shop. But that’s not all! Now that we’ve had some time to test print the remainder of some of our licensed products we’re making them available as well! Already available is the Cottage Houses designed by August McDaniel. We’ve been working on getting these ready for Read More

Our First Kickstarter was a Success!

We just finished our very first Make 100 campaign on Kickstarter, which featured a unique Plastic Dungeon design that we’re quite proud of: a stone arch with optional arcane runes engraved in the capstone, and additional inserts available to add-on that turn it into anything from a dungeon door to a portcullis to an arcane portal! The project was continuously being developed based on suggestions from our backers, in true Plastic Dungeon spirit, and we feel we came up with Read More

New Products

Some new items are soon to be available in the store. These are all available on under a Creative Commons license for anyone to download and print, and may be printed, distributed and sold provided attribution is given to the designer. The designer of each item currently in the store is noted with each item’s description, including a link to that item on Thingiverse.