New Products & a New Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter for our Make 100: 3D Printed Stone Portal has come to a close with shipping the final rewards. Soon, the arches and inserts will be available to purchase directly from our Etsy shop. But that’s not all! Now that we’ve had some time to test print the remainder of some of our licensed products we’re making them available as well! Already available is the Cottage Houses designed by August McDaniel. We’ve been working on getting these ready for a while now, making sure we can consistently print in the best quality. They are part of an amazing set which we’ll be adding to the store over the next week.

Lighthouse by Imagination Forge

Also up in the next week is The Light House set by Imagination Forge Games. This collection includes the above pictured lighthouse, some furniture including a bed, shelves, table, shelves and more, plus a tidepool and other beach rocks. The part we’re truly excited about though are the miniatures! Part of this set are the lighthouse keep and his wife and a trio of scallywags set on giving the family a hard time. We’ve been working hard on perfecting resin printing on our new SLA printer and are looking forward to sharing our work.

Sample Castle Wall Configuration

Next month will see the release of Stratation Design’s Tabletop Decors. The initial release will include a modular set of castle walls (using OpenLOCK to connect), a sample of which is pictured above. These are a fantastic set of roughly 3″ high, 2″ wide walls and can accommodate a near endless variety of arrangement. Pieces will be sold individually as well as in starter sets from a simple keep’s curtain wall to a much more vast castle/city wall suitable for a larger fortification or creating multiple layers of defense.

Also part of the Tabletop Decors set are numerous (over 100) terrain scatter including plants, rocks, signs, tools, weapons and even a collection of dragon eggs! Most of these are still in the test printing stage as we calibrate our printers to ensure the highest quality.

Upcoming Kickstarter

If that wasn’t enough, we’re hoping to launch our second Kickstarter in July. This will be a set of modular walls and floors featuring caverns, masonry and wooden styles. The best part is the walls will be composed of a set of “end caps” which allow an insertable wall piece. This would allow for a “wood framed masonry” style or a “masonry supported cavern” style or a “rough stone framed wooden wall” style or really any combination will work. The icing on the top is the larger wall inserts can be slotted for use with our stone arch inserts, allowing for quick placement of a portcullis, door or swirling mass of tentacles! New inserts for these openings will be included in the set as well.

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