About Us

Welcome! We are Plastic Dungeon, a new 3D printing company started during the pandemic of 2020. Moreover, we’re a group of avid tabletop role-playing gamers who have recently discovered the exciting possibilities available now that 3D printing is becoming more accessible to small businesses.

Tabletop gaming has long been, and continues to be, an exercise in imagination, but the practical side of the hobby has resulted in the need for drawing endless maps to make our imagined realms a semi-reality. Premade manufactured pieces were costly and often a luxury the average gamer could not afford. Some players could craft their own items, but this required skill not every player possessed, and not everyone wanted to devote the time and effort for a piece which may only be used once or twice.

Enter the world of 3D printing. Now, suddenly, it’s possible to create entire modular maps for use with tabletop RPGs and strategy wargames in such a way that even a small company could inexpensively mass-produce map and terrain pieces. Imagine- custom 3D maps with personalized details that can affordably be created on-demand. This is what Plastic Dungeon is all about. We’ve had some amazing successes already building custom items for our own gaming group, as well as our Friendly Local Game Store, but now, we’re hoping to begin reaching for that dream of mass-production of customizable gaming terrain.

We’re offering a number of pieces by other creators as we get things up and running, because we’re equally excited about what other gamers are making for the hobby. However, we’re also creating our own unique designs, which can be modified upon request to suit a specific or unique purpose. The first piece we’ve designed, a stone archway with arcane markings and customizable inserts, recently finished a successful Make 100 Kickstarter. We’re currently working on more designs for large maps sets and customizable gaming accessories, many of these designs created to be compatible with the OpenLock System, and we’ve love to hear suggestions from everyone about what they’d like to see. Certain types of pieces, specific settings, even features of the design. We’re still new and open to anything!

We’re excited about our first designs in the works, and hope to get the gaming community excited about our company, and good things to come! Thanks in advance for your support!

Plastic Dungeon Founding Staff

RC Craigo – Lead designer and all-around idea generator, RC was the true inspiration behind the founding of Plastic Dungeon. Most of the proprietary designs of the company are their creation, and they have spent countless hours creating and adjusting 3D images for printing. An avid gamer and game-master for literal decades, they have played, run, and written content for numerous different game systems, including D&D, Pathfinder, HERO System, RIFTS, and various homebrew systems. They have always been known for making adjustments, creating house rules, designing custom classes based on player ideas, and making certain that everything is balanced in the end. Their most notable quote regarding playing games of any sort: “As long as everybody is having fun, you’re not doing it wrong!”

Trystan Craigo – Copywriter, gamer, cheerleader, and the guy who is always asking, “Can we do something like this?” Trystan has assisted with many aspects of Plastic Dungeon, from design discussions to creating text and images for the website and shop to staying up till altogether unreasonable hours running printers and painting figures. Gaming is in his blood, and he’s played in all sorts of systems, including tabletop RPGs, LARP, MMORPGs and all sorts of creative writing and design activities associated with the hobby. He’s found an outlet for his love of aesthetics and attention to detail in painting miniatures, from terrain to scatter to character figurines. He’s also written an entire file box full of game fic, and has managed blogs in the past dedicated to his exploits in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3.

Miriam Pierucci – Dedicated gamer, reenactment enthusiast, and invaluable support system, Miriam is often times the driving force that pulls everything together. A testament to organizational skills and crunching of numbers, she’s been holding down the business end of things since the beginning. In addition to incredible computer and math skills, she has spent countless hours at the gaming table, and countless more working with the SCA doing all things Medieval. It was her enthusiasm and knowledge of Kickstarter that inspired Plastic Dungeon to jumpstart its business operations with the Make 100 project. Since then, she’s dedicated innumerable hours to making the budding company a success. Plastic Dungeon would not be what it is if not for her efforts.