Large Mausoleum


Complete set includes 4 open arches and 4 standard sides along with 2 center pieces. Separate smaller versions also available.


A truly austere centerpiece for a solemn graveyard, this large, ornate mausoleum stands just over 7 inches tall when assembled, and has a central base footprint of 2″x2″, reaching to nearly 4″x4″ when the side arches are attached. The sets come in 6 or 10 separate pieces, and can be glued in place, or left freestanding to create a myriad of different looks. Side arches alone or in pairs can be used as smaller mausoleums or tunnel passageways, allowing for one set to fill multiple needs. Even the roof piece can be used as its own small mausoleum!

The Standard Large Mausoleum comes with the central arch, roof piece, and four ornate side pieces with solid door designs. The Open Large Mausoleum replaces the side pieces with four archways, allowing for a more open design.

The Standard+Open Large Mausoleum comes with both the solid and arched opening side pieces to display the mausoleum as completely solid, completely open, or with a variety of open or closed doorways, depending on need. Keeping in mind that spare unused pieces can be used to make their own structures, this set offers the most variety.

Manufactured using a 3D printer with PLA plastic, 28-32mm scale, suitable for table-top role-playing games. Models are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, layer lines and tiny imperfections may be visible. Such imperfections may be remedied with sanding and priming prior to painting.

This item is designed by August McDaniel / ArcaneOctopusLab and is printed on demand by Plastic Dungeon for sale under a Small Business Commercial Use License.


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