Mausoleum Set – Stone for TTRPGs, Diorama, Graveyard


Floor and roof can be used with either walls or pillars for a closed or open space… all parts for either option included.


Mausoleums aren’t generally known for their versatility… thankfully this mausoleum is different! The architecture matches the Church building (sold separately) but it can complement it in a number of ways: each set includes one roof and one floor, plus a wall structure with a door, and four corner pillars! So you can choose to have a closed Mausoleum, or an open pagoda with room under the roof for tombs… or seating! With multiple sets, these looks can mix and match in a number of ways!

Manufactured using a 3D printer with PLA plastic, 28-32mm scale, suitable for table-top role-playing games, dioramas, dollhouse, playsets and decorative displays. This item is available to in larger or smaller scales upon request. Models are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, layer lines and tiny imperfections may be visible. Such imperfections may be remedied with sanding and priming prior to painting.

This item was designed by The Pilgrim Terrain and Plastic Dungeon LLC is officially licensed to sell physical prints of The Pilgrim Terrain.


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