Tomb Collection


Available as a collection or individually.


An auspicious start to any graveyard scene or catacomb crawl!

Full Collection includes the Basic, Secret Tunnel and Sarcophagus tombs, plus 2 additional tombs available only in this collection!

Basic Tomb
This ancient tomb piece includes a low wall, exposed sarcophagus, and a stone paved platform perfect for mourners… or angry undead! …to gather. Platform can accommodate 2 1″ character figures, with additional room to stand on the sarcophagus itself. Sarcophagus lid is not removable.

Secret Tunnel Tomb
The perfect entrance to a network of catacombs, or a secret lair belonging to a necromancer, this tomb holds the secret your players were looking for! The lid of the sarcophagus is removable, allowing you to conceal or reveal the entrance to an underground passage. For above-ground-only maps, the concealed hole can instead allow a tiny object or clue to be placed inside. Up to two 1″ character miniatures can be placed atop the sarcophagus.

Sarcophagus Tomb
This ornate sarcophagus will stand out in any cemetery, or mark a place of honor within a dungeon. A perfect hiding place for a legendary weapon or a noble who now leads ranks of restless dead, the lid of this tomb is removable, allowing one or several tiny objects or clues to be placed inside. Footprint is large enough for up to six 1″ character miniatures to surround it.

Manufactured using a 3D printer with PLA plastic, 28-32mm scale, suitable for table-top role-playing games. Models are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, layer lines and tiny imperfections may be visible. Such imperfections may be remedied with sanding and priming prior to painting.

This item is designed by August McDaniel / ArcaneOctopusLab and is printed on demand by Plastic Dungeon for sale under a Small Business Commercial Use License.


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